2013 Jalex Herd Show Coats

Larkhill Emerald.



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Since selling our suckler herd in 2014 we now specialise in sourcing and supplying breeding heifers.

We run approx 800-1000 heifers at anytime and sell them either as maidens or scanned in calf.

All bulls are selected for easy calving, All heifers are vaccinated for BVD, IBR, Botulism, Clostridial diseases and from spring 2019 lepto.

Wether you are after 1 or a large batch of heifers for your suckler herd just give us a shout on 07816775501.

The Jalex Flock consists of 550 Cheviot Mule ewes that we tup to select suffolk tup to produce Suffolk X Chev/Mule ewe lambs that we sell every August as Hoggets/Gimmers. We also run 100 NC Park Type Cheviots which we tup to the True Blue for replacements though we sell a few surplus ewes each year.

In 2018 we started sourcing some Pedigree Suffolks to start a small herd as we found it hard to find the type of Suffolk tup that we want, the aim is to produce a Suffolk with medium bone, tight skins and plenty of character.


The Jalex livestock business is run along side the highly successful Alexander Tractors which see huge demand from both local and export markets (www.alexandertractors.co.uk).



While we are not trying to reinvent the wheel at Jalex, we feel that it always important to monitor and review what we are doing in order to keep improving.

Jalex Herd - mother and calf